Divini Spiritus, as a division of LTB Global s.r.l., enjoys all the logistic network and import export of LTB partners.

  • CHIVASSO (TO). Administrative and commercial office.
  • GAGLIANICO (BI). Non-food customs and tax warehouses. Main logistic office for import and export operations both national and EU.
  • VOLPIANO (TO). Customs and tax warehouse for the FOOD sector. specialized for EXCISE management

SPIRITS Distribution

Divini Spiritus, through its network of agents and distributors is able to cover the entire national territory and some EU countries.

The network is constantly expanding in the EU in order to guarantee our Spirits producers, an excellent market audience.

Marketing & Branding

Divini Spiritus, has a business unit that deals entirely with the marketing & branding section. Our structure allows us to operate directly without intermediaries in Web Marketing activities. The sectors covered are

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding
  • SEO & SEM fori web sites
  • B2B E-Commerce
  • Digital Communication
  • Organization of promotional events
  • Study and realization of Merchandising
  • E-Commerce of merchandising products