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Its origins date back to over 2000 years ago. Famous for Caribbean pirates. Today it is a distillate for connoisseurs. Timeless flavors and fragrances. The two processing methods make the difference, sometimes even important, on the quality and flavor of the Rum. Agricultural and Industrial.

Contrary to popular belief, the raw material of rum, or sugar cane, is not from the Caribbean but from Asia. The first references to sugar cane date back to 300 BC when Alexander the Great saw it, he called it “the grass that gives honey without bees”. Only with Christopher Columbus, the sugar cane arrives in the Caribbean where, due to the favorable climate, it found its economic and unfortunately slavery exploitation.

It has become a famous drink of the famous pirates of the Caribbean, nowadays it is a product sought after by the different nuances and productions. There are many qualities and varieties of rum that take on particular characteristics typical of the production area.

The three rum giants, Cuba, Martinique and Jamaica, do not overshadow other Caribbean and South American rums. In fact, there are productions that are important for the quality and character of the flavors in Antigua, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, islands of la Reunion, Costa Rica.