Project Description


Perhaps the most famous distillate in the world. Rich in variety and production recipes. We are looking for not only Burbon and Scotch but also other varieties.

Whiskey, whose origin and paternity is still a topic of discussion, is in dispute between the Scots and the Irish.
It is obtained from the wise mixture of different cereals such as rye, wheat, corn and barley. The latter may or may not be subjected to malting.
The important part of the preparation of each whiskey is the spring water and the yeasts used in the maceration and fermentation process.
Then there is the recipe for mixing the various cereals that will give the final distillate characterization.

Once the distillation has taken place, the Whiskey is placed strictly in oak barrels also aged up to 100 years and left for a period of at least 2 years, up to more than 20.

A part of the Whiskey contained in the barrels, evaporates in favor of a higher quality. This loss is called “the share of the Angels” and can reach up to 12-15%.
Each barrel then has a different taste and smell from the others. Here the great experience and mastery of the master distillers, who mix the contents of the various barrels to obtain a whiskey of exceptional quality.

The traditionally famous and great whiskey producers are Scotland, Ireland and the United States with Kentucky and Tennessee in the lead.

Over the years, other countries have also started producing whiskeys like Australia, Japan, South Africa and Canada.