LTB Global S.r.l.

Divini Spiritus

Our company was born from the experience of over 30 years in the IMPORT / EXPORT international trade. LTB Global is part of a group of companies that give us the opportunity to cover all aspects of the Import / Export sector with entire resources. From the ICT sector, to logistics, to distribution on the national and European territory.
The activity takes place on some business branches (divisions) with specialized know-how in the sector. To date, the sectors we cover are mainly those of the import and distribution of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Thus was born Divini Spiritus, the branch that deals with the distribution of these products for the national territory. We cover the B2B sector with the local sales force and with local distributors of our products. Given the infomatic vocation of some parts of the group, we also cover the B2C retail sector with our Bacco Spirits Online Store. EU online stores are available here European online shops

LTB Global S.r.l.

McHenry Distillery Italia Division

There are sometimes challenges and opportunities that need to be taken up …..

Thus was born the McHenry Distillery Italia division. A multi-year project to make these products known literally “from the other world”. An artisan reality, born in a magnificent and uncontaminated place. Immersed in the “Tasmanian Wilderness”, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bill & Allison McHenry have created a line of Gin and Whiskey products like few can be found on the market and we import them exclusively.

An ambitious project that is giving results beyond expectations.