From distant TASMANIA

McHenry Distillery

GIN with native botanicals from Australia and Tasmania. The flagship product, the FEDERATION GIN, is produced with botanicals found exclusively in the Australian states. William Bill Mc Henry, mixes them wisely to obtain a unique product in the world. Spring water owned by the distillery, thanks to its purity and uncontamination, is essential for a super premium product. The other GINs are no less. The raw materials used are exceptional and which give the product its uniqueness.
Its southern position takes advantage of the cool-humid-maritime environment, giving the distillate the right conditions to make the most of its time in wooden barrels. The property also has its abundant pure spring water which becomes the heart of its distillates.

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Federation GIN
Single Malt WHISKY
Butterfly GIN
London DRY GIN
Barrel Aged GIN
Sloe GIN
Summer GIN
Navy Strength GIN
Damson GIN