The Kalevala Distillery was founded in 2012 in the North Karelia region of Eastern Finland, an area that has a long history and tradition for making spirits. During Prohibition in the 1930s the region was known for producing most of the Finnish moonshine in its vast pine forests. Cooking under the pine meant not having a small snack, but rather an effort to stay out of the long arm of the law while the moonshine distilled.
A large collection of stills seized by the police can still be found in the local museum. Our operations still take place in this wonderland of nature but have been sanctioned by law.
As a basis for all our gins we use the best organic wheat brandy. We dilute this to about 80% ABV before pouring it into our still, the “Sampo”. With Sampo having an operating volume of only about 100 liters, our entire production is truly a small batch.

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