“GOD SAVE THE QUEEN” product line

Tasmanian Gin &

UK Tonic Water

We have combined two brands under the H.M. From far away Tasmania, McHenry Distillery’s gin and whisky. From the UK Folkington’s tonic waters. A combination that we wanted to bring together for the high quality and the choice of raw materials without compromise. The McHenry Distillery uses only native local raw materials and its very pure spring water to produce its gins. Folkington’s, on the other hand, procures the highest quality local and foreign raw materials such as Sicilian lemons. All without preservatives, additives or dyes.



Located in the trendy Telliskivi area, Junimperium Distillery is the first artisan gin distillery opened in Estonia. The history of Junimperium gin began with the love for high quality artisan gin. Aspiring to create a rare harmony between centuries of traditions and something completely unique.